MachEchovation TubRest Bathtub Backrest
MachEchovation TubRest Bathtub Backrest

MachEchovation TubRest Bathtub Backrest

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Every bath time can definitely be refreshing. Pamper your skin in a cloud of softness through the use of these essentials—softly patterned Bath pillow, Cushioned Bath Tub Spa Pillow, Head Rest Pillow with Suction cups for Neck, Back and Bathroom Supply. 

Our TubRest Bathtub and Backrest have been thoughtfully fashioned to give you that refreshing bathing time where you can protect your privacy and distinguish between dry and wet areas. 
You can sit back, relax as the perfectly cushioned TubRest Bathtub and Backrest adds to your comfort and pads your back and shoulders as you splash water over your body.
Bath head neck rest: This allows you to rest your head and neck against the bathtub as you pamper your skin during bathing and aromatherapy.
Breathable Bath Pillow: This helps maintain airflow by keeping you from getting too hot during your refreshing bathing process.
Fast Drying Bath Tub Spa pillow: Yes! The spa pillow provides cushioned effect as you lay back without the thought of back pains or aches. In addition to the soft support, it dries out fast. You can also clean the tub wall and keep the suction cups dry.
Made from durable material: The bathtub pillow is made from premium quality polyester fibre, which enhances grip and gives a soft feel and experience as it is used. The nature of the material also contributes to its ability to dry fast.
Firm in action: The Bathtub cushion has well-fitting suction cups which enables it to stick firmly to the pillow. All you need to do is simply press the suction cups against the pillow or stick.
Comfort: You are bound to enjoy its soft lining and soft padding for perfect support of your head, neck shoulders and back. Through ergonomic consultation, the head and neck rest are suitably fitted to provide a relaxing experience when in use.
Why don’t you revamp your bathing experience by pampering yourself with our TubRest Bathtub and Backrest?

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